10 most expensive art galleries in the world

Here are 10 of the most expensive art galleries (in no particular order), expensive in terms of architecture, fascinating, attractive and incredible paintings, ancient artifacts and paintings they house.

1. MoCCA- Museum of Comics and Comics

This gallery is all about exhibiting comics, cartoon characters from movies, anime, graphic novels, comics, illustrations, and more. It is located in Manhattan, New York; the main purpose of creating the gallery was to allow people to better appreciate the arts of comics and cartoons.

Popular for its magnificent architecture and structure, it holds so much history of the human race, from archeology to ethnography. The museum is located in London and the works of art collected in these galleries come from Greece, China, Egypt and even West Africa.

3. The Library of the National Gallery of Arts

This was presented as a gift to Americans by Congressman Andrew Mellon. The gallery is located in the nation’s capital, Washington DC; this gallery houses over 100,000 drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures of historical events dating back as far as the middle ages. Free entry.

Located in London, Tate holds the national collections of modern and contemporary (international) art, making it one of the largest museums with such exhibits.

The frick collection contains masterpieces ranging from the renaissance to the early 20th century. This gallery is located in Manhattan, New York. Masterpieces include decorative arts like porcelain vases, pots, high class sculptures and paintings.

6. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The Gardner Museum has one of the most beloved art collections in the world. This museum located in Boston features works by artists like Michelangelo and Botticelli. An interesting observation about the museum is that if her birthday falls on the day of the visit or if someone by chance carries Isabella (with proof, of course), admission is free for that day.

7. Seattle Museum of Art (SAM)

It is located in Seattle, Washington, DC. It consists of three separate facilities; the Main Museum in downtown Seattle, the Olympic Sculpture Park and the Museum of Asian Art.

It is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The Museum is the 20th largest museum in the world. It has one of the most comprehensive collections in America, with over 400,000 works of art. It consists of many Egyptian and Japanese and Chinese artifacts.

9. MoMA-Museum of Modern Art of New York

Often referred to as one of the most influential modern art museums in the world. Located in Manhattan, New York.

10. Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum Of Art has extensive collections of art from different eras and continents, making it one of the leading art museums in the country. It is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mildred D. Field