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The Long Island City waterfront will house a new art sculpture in the outdoor garden between 5203 and 5241 Center Blvd. just when summer is coming.

TF Cornerstone, the property company that has just completed the two buildings on either side of the garden, will finance the transport, installation and removal of the sculpture. TF Cornerstone partners with Culture Lab LIC to choose a sculpture for the yard.

Edjo Wheeler, executive director of Culture Lab LIC, said the outdoor space between the mixed-income residential development that TF Cornerstone launched late last year is perfect for a sculpture.

Photo courtesy of TF Cornerstone

“It’s kind of like a no-brainer,” Wheeler said. “It’s almost like they designed it for that. There’s this beautiful oval path that goes through the space and it’s right next to the sidewalk, which is a major traffic area for people and it’s right next to the waterfront. space for landscaping and benches – this lends itself perfectly to a sculpture garden.

The waterfront buildings surrounding this garden offer 719 permanently affordable apartments and 473 market-priced houses. TF Cornerstone worked alongside several elected officials and city officials on this project to meet the city’s goal of building 300,000 affordable homes by 2026.

On the ground floor of both buildings there will be a series of retail stores – one of which will be an Italian cafe and pastry shop, another an organic market. Stores like these will help increase foot traffic to the location housing the sculpture.

LIC carving
Photo courtesy of TF Cornerstone

“Public art contributes to the identity of the community. This promotes community pride. It improves the quality of life for residents and creates a destination for people,” Wheeler said. “We want to create a space so people don’t have to get on a train or take a cab to find somewhere cool. We want the whole neighborhood to be filled with enriching art and culture and that is definitely part of that plan.

Eleonora Bershadskaya, Associate Director at TF Cornerstone, said this space along the Long Island City waterfront is an ideal location for a sculpture and they are excited to add to the already beautiful area.

“It’s perfect for an exhibit but also a unique opportunity to celebrate the constellation of public spaces that truly define Long Island City as a neighborhood,” Bershadskaya said.

Artists can submit proposals until April 3. TF Cornerstone and Culture Lab LIC are hoping to bring someone from West Queens or Long Island City to support a professional local artist.

Mildred D. Field