A ‘Wings of the City’ Art Sculpture Could Make a Permanent Stay in the Town of Greenville

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – The Wings of the City art exhibit is set to leave Greenville and head to Raleigh at the end of next October, but the city of Greenville is considering potentially keeping a lookalike of one statues—permanently.

The Wings of the City art exhibit includes nine bronze sculptures created by artist Jorge Marin. They’ve been on display in downtown Greenville since early April and never planned to stay very long.

“The Town of Greenville is so proud to have been the first on the East Coast to host this incredible traveling exhibit,” said town spokeswoman Beth Brotherton.

She said the exhibits have been incredibly popular. Now they don’t know if they’re ready to let the statues go completely just yet.

“And so one of the things that we’re looking at in partnership with the Hispanic Alliance and potentially other donors is how do we keep a piece? Not one of the actual pieces, but how do we keep some of it here in Greenville ?” Brotherton explained.

She said they were considering having the artist create a replica of the most iconic piece, Wings of Mexico.

And while she says it’s just an idea at the moment, it’s an idea that has generated a lot of discussion.

“As we focus on the art that is here in Greenville and that is another reason people would want to come and travel here, it seemed like a great way to commemorate the time the exhibits have had. spent here in Greenville and keep a piece of it with us,” Brotherton said.

She said there are a lot of steps between now and this actually happening.

“Talking to the artist, making sure it’s something he would be willing to do and replicate for us,” Brotherton said. “We would need to find a location for that. There’s a lot of approval process both the arts commission in public places and the city council, ultimately, who should decide if it’s something we can do here.

7 News has reached out to the Hispanic Alliance to comment on the potential plans. We are still awaiting a response.

Mildred D. Field