Art Academy: Home Studio brings full lessons and replays to Wii U on June 25

First announced as Academy of Arts for Wii U Last August, Nintendo’s art lesson game received a new name and release date during today’s Nintendo Direct.

Art Academy: home studio allows players to take lessons, “be inspired by 360-degree landscape photos” and share their creations with friends.

The Wii U-only app will also let you upload accelerated replays of your work to YouTube.

The app is coming to Nintendo eShop on June 25. If you already own the $3.99 Academy of Arts sketchbook app, you will get $4 off the purchase price of home studio, depending on the Nintendo version. No price for home studio was listed as editing.

Here is a full list of Nintendo features:

  • This full version of Art Academy offers a wide range of lessons, from beginner to advanced.
  • Anyone can learn to draw by working through several teaching modes. Different lessons are unlocked by playing the game. Each lesson teaches a new art technique.
  • In addition to still subjects, Free Paint mode now includes 360-degree panoramic landscapes, so users can look around and find their own compositions to recreate.
  • For the first time in the Art Academy series, artists can choose to work with the medium of charcoal, in addition to paint, pastels, colored pencils and crayons. Choose from many different tools to create stunning works of art, all displayed for the first time in beautiful high definition.
  • The Wii U GamePad’s touchscreen makes a great canvas, and the artwork can then be displayed on the TV for all to see and enjoy.
  • Completed artwork can be saved to an SD card and displayed in a personal virtual art gallery.
  • Artists can record their creative process as a video and can view it later.
  • Share artwork by posting it directly to the Art Academy community on Miiverse.

Mildred D. Field