Art Academy, the first partnership of the Red Door Project

CINCINNATI — The Red Door Project and the Art Academy of Cincinnati will officially celebrate the two organizations’ new partnership beginning at 6 p.m. Friday with a public display of artwork.

“What better partnership to celebrate the Red Door Project with the Art Academy of Cincinnati than collaborating with the Cincinnati Art Museum and their recently unveiled Art Climb?” said Joe Girandola, president of the Cincinnati Academy of the Arts.

Organizations will line up the new Art Climb, located at the corner of Gilbert Avenue and Eden Park Drive, with more than 40 artworks submitted by local artists. Each artwork will also be available for purchase through a silent auction.

“Each coin will have a sheet with it and you can bid on it and at the end of the evening you can pick up the coin or you will be called and you can pick it up from the Art Academy on Monday,” Barbara Hauser said.

Hauser started the Red Door Project as a series of pop-up art exhibitions held at different locations in 2014.

“Anyone can be an artist,” she said of why she originally created the Red Door Project. “Anyone can share their works and also make art accessible to the community.”

Hauser approached Girandola in January with the idea of ​​submitting the project to the art academy in January. Girandola said the idea was ideal for his organization which helps artists flourish.

“How can we engage more community members and showcase their creative practice? ” he said. “And what Barbara Hauser has done is allow those who might not think they are quote-unquote artists to exhibit their work.”

After the decision to join the Red Door Project in March, the art academy also created a scholarship for non-traditional students to attend the school. A portion of every artwork sale during Friday’s Red Door Project will help fund the scholarship.

“We’ve even had artists donate their pieces one hundred percent, which will go towards a non-traditional scholarship for students at the Cincinnati Academy of Art,” Girandola said.

Hauser and Girandola had planned to host the inaugural exhibition at the Cincinnati Academy of Art in March, but were later delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“For the best interest, safety and health of the entire community and artists, we have decided to postpone,” Girandola said.

The outdoor venue for Friday’s show ended up being the perfect venue, Hauser said, noting that social distancing protocols and masks will be mandatory during the outdoor exhibit.

“As part of our COVID existence, there is no better place to hang out, be socially distant, wear your masks and buy great art and come together and kind of celebrate our existence as a community,” said said Girandola.

For more information on the Red Door Project, visit its page on Facebook.

Mildred D. Field