Art, sculpture and photography workshops in schools

WORKSHOPS were held in schools this week as part of the Henley Youth Festival.

Children learned about arts and crafts, sculpture and photography.

Four actors from the Young Shakespeare Company traveled to schools to present an interactive version of Dream of a summer nightallowing children to learn about the play and become its characters.

Michaela Clarke taught children how to create hanging heart decorations in puzzle designs, Nick Garnett created recycled sculptures with students, and Emily Cooling taught children how to make art with mixed media.

Professional photographer Kathryn Fell has led photography workshops at Peppard Primary School and Rupert House School in Henley.

The theme of this year’s youth festival is friendship, so Ms Fell focused her workshop on taking photos of pals and pets.

She spoke to the children about the importance of light and composition, then allowed them to take pictures of each other and of the plants in the school gardens.

The children also tried to edit the photos they had taken on an iPad.

Ms Fell, from Sonning Common, said: “The workshops went very well. It was a joy to get back to teaching in person as it was my first time post-pandemic.

“I had a very warm welcome from the schools. The students were very enthusiastic and we had time outside to take pictures.

“Some students produce really creative photographs of each other and plants.”

Mildred D. Field