August 2022 marks 21 years of Bizcommunity!

In this month of August, we take a moment to thank each of you, partners, publishers, advertisers, recruiters and readers, who have entrusted us with 21 years of your industry’s news.

Since the publication of the first newsletters in 2001, we have made a point of sharing your ideas and your challenges, your exceptional achievements and your distinctions – your contributions to the economic excellence of our region are truly worth celebrated!

Bizcommunity Co-Founder and CEO Andre Rademan and the Biz Team also take this opportunity to recognize and honor the many incredibly talented and dedicated individuals who have been part of the Biz Team over the years and helped build its success, who have left their mark, who have grown and grown with us, as well as those who have networked, found jobs and kept themselves informed through our platforms.

We invite you to take a moment to reflect on how far we have come in 21 years.

Thank you also to those who honored us with tributes and good wishes on the occasion of our milestone anniversary.

Bravo BizCommunity for 21 glorious years! BizComm is an essential part of any public relations or industry communications campaign. It just wouldn’t be the same without you. Happy birthday!

Jenny Griesel, Founder and Managing Director of Jenny Griesel Communications
Bizcommunity really made us feel like the only customer and we appreciated their service, their professionalism and truly their partnership – taking the DMS brand to the next level and ensuring that we reach advertisers when they need us and where they need us – well done and see you for the next 21 years!
Mvunyelwa Keswa, DSTV Media Sales
Can you believe it, Bizcommunity has grown from a toddler and is now Africa’s largest multi-industry news site? We’ve had a fantastic two-year relationship with this powerhouse, running recruitment and brand awareness campaigns on the platform’s richest inventory. Through strong partnership and the right advice and innovation, our Momentum Financial Planning (MFP) brand reaches the right audience at the right time. We look forward to your continued growth and peak perseverance on this incredible journey to success. Congratulations! Keep doing what you are doing. We are delighted to be associated with you; a reliable resource.

Thanks for always being there. Happy birthday!

Andile Jonas, MFP Marketing Manager
The Nedbank IMC is firmly dedicated to raising awareness that marketing is an integral part of doing business and should have a permanent seat at the board table. Each year, by bringing together Africa and the world’s top creative and marketing thought leaders in one space, in one day, we encourage discussion, debate and innovative thinking. Bizcommunity’s ability to drive the conversation around current discourses in the marketing industry has made it a crucial catalyst in helping to realize Nedbank IMC’s vision – to be the leading Marketing is Business™ platform in Africa. We are very proud of our partnership.
Dale Hefer, CEO of Nedbank IMC Conference
Happy 21st birthday indeed!

I have admired Bizcommunity for many years and have maintained a personal/professional profile there. But I was very pleased when we were able to partner with this great platform, the Africa Brand Summit. This was the start of a journey that we would like to see continue in the years to come as we gradually recover from the devastating impact of Covid-19 on many businesses. Few of us were spared. But one thing is certain, we would not have developed our footprint so far, and with so much color and credibility, without our precious partnership with Bizcommunity! Congratulations to all of you at Bizcommunity!

Solly Moeng, founder and moderator of the Africa Brand Summit
We are your long time customers and I can only say that if the level of service you have provided is any indication of the strength of your business, you have a very long and thriving future ahead of you. I have never had reason to recall the articles you have produced for us and your unfailing efficiency is testament to the fact that some things work in South Africa. With my warmest regards to the press team – Angie, Kenneth and others who have been wonderful!
Marilyn Keegan, Communications Manager, Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa NPC
While Bizcom is an amazing platform, the press side has had benefits beyond my expectations. Many of my clients are nonprofits, and Bizcom’s support during the pandemic has been life-changing for many of them. And they hit it off, they didn’t break up, and I can honestly say part of that was Bizcom’s reach and generosity. Personally, this is one of the few bills that I really don’t mind paying.
Nicole Capper, MD of MANGO-OMC
“Bizcommunity has been part of the journey of sharing our vision of the future through our specialized forecasting and trend analysis techniques. Their platform has helped spread our trend information to their global community. wish them a happy 21st and hope they have a lot of sequel.”
The Flux Trends team
Happy 21st birthday, BizCommunity!

What an amazing journey it has been with you.
We’re excited for the next 21 years and into the future as the number one name in news and brand momentum. At MSC Business College and MSC Artisan Academy, we are delighted to be part of this magical journey with you. All our best wishes!

Kyle Knickelbein, National Product Manager of MSC College Holdings
Happy Birthday Biz! Congratulations on an amazing 21 years in the industry and 21 more!
Seymone Modak, Tractor Outdoor Marketing Manager
Finally all grown up! Happy 21st Birthday, we’re thrilled to have been a part of your journey for 19 of those years, helping us tell our brand and people-idea stories with marketers and advertisers everywhere.
Lots of love from the Kantar team
While in college I spent years scouring the Bizcommunity job pages trying to get an internship to complete my honors – when unfortunately none of the agencies helped me with this. At that time, Bizcommunity has been the mainstay to keep me in touch with agency, media, marketing and brand news and of course the best practices of the last 16 years of my career. A bastion of interesting reading, unique stories and excellent press offices, Bizcommunity plays a vital role in the field of public relations and corporate information in South Africa. Happy 21st Bizcom, you are much more mature than me at a similar age!
Kate Kenny, Director of Strategic Content and Ideation at JNPR

For your interest, here is a list of the most read content from 2001 to 2021 that made headlines over the past two decades:

Thank you to everyone who makes up the diverse Biz community across Africa and the world. We see you, we celebrate, we salute you. We do it thanks to you!

Mildred D. Field