Denver Art Museum helps Marshall Fire victims restore damaged art and jewelry – CBS Denver

LOUISVILLE, Colorado (CBS4)– Not all art has a place in a museum like the Denver Art Museum, but all art has value in one way or another. Most often it is the sentimental value held by the owner of the coin.

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That’s why the Denver Art Museum’s restoration experts are teaming up with their colleagues at the Louisville Historical Museum. To ensure that people who survived the Marshall fire can keep the pieces that survived and mean the most to them.

“The art we make is the soul of humanity,” said Sarah Melching.

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She believes that art preserves the history of our time. Not only our appearance, but also the way we see the world around us.

When a catastrophic event like the Marshall Fire destroys a community, part of Boulder County’s collective history is erased.

“What survived obviously has a lot of sentimental meaning for people. It’s about the story or the family members in their life,” Melching said.

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The last weekend of every month through May, they hold an event at the Louisville Public Library to teach people how to restore their damaged art and jewelry.

“This is an opportunity to help them reclaim their collective memory,” Melching said.

Of course, the fire was very destructive so not everything can be saved.

“But I think it’s possible to do some degree of recovery with a lot of things that have withstood the fire,” Melching said.

It’s their way of helping Boulder County rebuild and move forward. Without forgetting their past.

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“We just hope we can spread the word and get more people engaged in the process,” Melching said.

If you have a damaged part, it doesn’t have to survive the fire to be repaired. Many works of art have been damaged by smoke or even water. The restoration experts at the Denver Art Museum can also tell you how to fix these problems.

Mildred D. Field