Doral Contemporary Art Museum FULL VOLUME BOTERO Pop-Up Lunches At CityPlace Doral

The Doral Contemporary Art Museum, in coordination with Adriana Meneses Art and David Restrepo Art, is pleased to host the pop-up exhibition, “Botero at Full Volume”, at CityPlace Doral. The exhibition, which features the graphic art of renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero, opens to the public on January 26 and will remain on view until June 30, 2022.

Botero is known for his paintings and sculptures which, with their gargantuan dimensions, seem to overflow galleries and cities around the world. However, the thick figuration of the Colombian has also long flooded a plastic field which is sometimes considered, wrongly, as a minor art.

“Botero at Full Volume” features 45 posters from collector Enrique Michelsen’s poster collection, “Fernando Botero, The Evolution of a Master”, which chronicles Botero’s career from the beginning. In 1977, Michelsen acquired his first Botero poster dedicated to the World Theater Festival held that year in Nancy, France. Michelsen’s collection, which began as a hobby, has become a document of the artist’s life, as his posters reveal the breadth of Botero’s career. “Only by visually perusing his posters is it possible to gauge his extraordinary presence in the art world,” Michelsen said.

The main themes of Botero’s thick and colorful graphics – in small, medium or large format – depict bullfighting, religion, nudity or nature. Like the artists Toulouse-Lautrec, Daumier and Manet, Botero presented his art to the general public, many of whom did not visit galleries and museums.

Born in Medellin, Colombia in 1932, Botero was struck by the creative impulse of his adolescence. He abandoned his apprenticeship in bullfighting to devote himself fully to painting, even if bullfighting remained a theme in his work. He once confessed that he had done everything not by academy, but by intuition and work: “out of pure passion”.

Although the influence of Diego Rivera, Rousseau, Velázquez or Goya can be appreciated in his work, Botero’s histrionic passion for volume painting suddenly appeared when he was painting the mandolin in a still life in 1956. His goal is not to paint the fat and the gigantic, he believed that the feast of volume was his own visual rite to celebrate sensuality and beauty and described it as “an exaltation of life”.

“Through our partnership with the Doral Contemporary Art Museum, we are thrilled to offer CityPlace Doral guests and the local community artistic and cultural initiatives for the enjoyment of the whole family,” said Mauro Olivieri, Managing Director of CityPlace Doral.

“‘Botero at Full Volume’ highlights the importance for the viewer to observe the master’s work alongside the evolution of the art of communication and graphic design over the past five decades,” said Marcelo Llobell, director of the Doral Contemporary Art Museum and co-curator of the exhibition.

“Botero at Full Volume” is produced by DORCAM in collaboration with Enrique Michelsen Collection, Adriana Meneses Art Consultant and David Restrepo (Dr. Art).

On view January 26 through June 30, 2022. For more information, visit or email [email protected]

Mildred D. Field