Ellen Noël Art Museum plans to expand and renovate

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) – The Ellen Noël Museum of Art of the Permian Basin offers exhibits, classes, summer camps and other opportunities to experience arts and cultural exhibits and creative programming.

Tens of thousands of locals visit the museum each year. Strategic partnerships with other entities in the region such as the University of Texas Permian Basin further increase the importance of the museum to the region. Not only does the arts improve the quality of life, but it also contributes to innovation.

Cultural options improve an area’s attractiveness to current and potential residents as well as businesses considering locations or expansions. The Museum is planning a major expansion and renovation.

The project would include improving the exhibition space, making the facility more accessible, updating the mechanical systems and adding new spaces such as classrooms and a multimedia gallery. These improvements would allow the Museum to better fulfill its mission of improving the lives of the people of Odessa and the surrounding region. The project would also involve a significant investment during construction as well as increased activity on an ongoing basis. Any economic stimulus leads to dynamic responses throughout the economy.

The Perryman group has developed complex and comprehensive models over the past four decades to measure these dynamic responses. In this case, the construction/renovation leads to a significant, albeit transient, stimulus. Once completed, ongoing economic benefits would be generated through additional jobs at the museum as well as an increase in visitors from outside the region.

The Perryman Group estimates that the construction/renovation phase would lead to an increase in business activity in the Odessa region of almost $9.4 million in production (gross product), $6.5 million in personal income and 104 years of employment, including multiplier effects. (A year of employment is one person working for one year, although it could be multiple people working partial years.)

The ongoing annual benefits from the expansion of additional operations and tourism include approximately $11.8 million in production (gross product), $7.3 million in personal income, and 155 jobs when multiplier effects are taken into account. Economic activity generates tax revenue, and additional taxes from ongoing annual benefits include approximately $633,700 per year for local governments.

For residents of Odessa and surrounding areas, the Ellen Noël Art Museum of the Permian Basin offers an opportunity to experience art both by viewing exhibits and participating in hands-on activities. With expansion/renovation, Museum facilities can provide more rewarding benefits not only to local residents, but also to the economy.

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Mildred D. Field