Europe’s largest art sculpture, hidden for 35 years, has found its way to Belgium

So what else can travelers expect to find in the area?

The sculpture is erected near the town of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne, which has a castle straight out of disney you can explore from top to bottom, including a cellar, dungeon, moat and manicured gardens. While Brussels is only an hour’s drive from the city, half an hour more will bring you to Antwerp, the northern city that has long been one of our summertime obsessions, with museums full of weight heavy from Rubens to Warhol, a ton of wine bars where you can taste the excellent Belgian whites (followed by sourdough pizzas at Standard.) An hour to the west is Ghent, known as the “Brooklyn of Antwerp”, and 20 minutes to the west is picturesque Bruges, which Conde Nast Traveler Editor-in-chief Lauren DeCarlo remembers feeling “like walking through a fairy tale.”

Harmina Mulder, Traveler‘s specialist in the region, advises adding Maastricht, the Netherlands, to such an itinerary. University town is a 90 minute drive from the artwork (we recommend staying at Loft51 or Kruisherenhotel). “It’s a very medieval city, and totally different from Amsterdam or The Hague, the places people usually go to in Holland.” Mulder said. “While most of Holland is very flat, Maastricht has rolling hills, and that, added to the university town food, music and vibe, everyone loves it.”

Mildred D. Field