Free Tattoos, Working in Art Galleries – PR Shops Get Unusual Staff Perks

Amid the big ‘back to the office’ – and increased competition for talent – London agency Frank PR has taken a quirky route with the offer of a free tattoo at the Diamond Jacks Tattoo Parlor in Soho.

This is part of a new FlexiFrank employment package, which includes more standard benefits such as flexible working hours and days, unlimited vacations, health and wellness program, mental resilience training , pension contributions, enhanced maternity and paternity benefits and free breakfasts.

Graham Goodkind, chairman and founder of Frank, which was the subject of a management buyout in March, said: “I think other PR companies could convince us to introduce tattoos ​free as part of our FlexiFrank benefits package, tatt’ll do nicely for us if they do!Young, creative and expressive are Frank’s lifeblood and many of them love tattoos, we so we thought it was a perk that would potentially be very popular and give us an edge over our rivals.

Meanwhile, creative communications agency Here Be Dragons has launched a “work from (any) art gallery” initiative, which encourages staff to regularly work from an art gallery across the UK, where possible.

All staff can get an annual National Arts Pass, giving free entry to hundreds of museums, galleries and historic houses across the UK, plus 50% off major exhibitions. The agency – formerly known as Mc&T, which relaunched earlier this year – said the aim was to encourage employees to be creatively inspired, balance their mental health and reinject income essential in the arts sector.

Founder Paul McEntee said, “Our studio was once a former gallery, and creativity and culture are inherent in our day-to-day jobs. The best work is done when you’ve been exposed to the outside world and not tied to a desk. If you can work from anywhere, why not an art gallery? Creativity is not sedentary, and we need diversity of thought in our industry more than ever.

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Mildred D. Field