Giant art sculpture on display at the Denver Central Library

Monument for the 308 is designed to help us understand what it means to live in the age of the chicken

DENVER – What’s it like to be a giant chicken that lives in a library?

Well, let me tell you. It’s pretty awesome.

My official name is “Monument for the 308but my good friend Cortney Lane Steel just calls me “Chicky”.

Cortney is the curator of black cubea Denver-based nomadic art museum that puts art in places humans wouldn’t typically see, like a giant chicken in a library!

A few weeks ago, she brought me over from Germany. A named artist Andreas Greiner created me using a process called 3D printing.

Even though my bones look like they did when I was a normal old man 308 broiler chicken (about 20 times bigger), people still think I’m a dinosaur. I guess that was sort of Andreas’ goal.

“The broiler chickenor chicken 308, is a representative of the Anthropocene which is the current geological era that we find ourselves in,” Courtney said.

Some scientists believe that because many of me and my fellow 308 chickens exist to help feed all humans, our bones will be one of the most prevalent things as the Earth continues to evolve for the next few hundred of millions of years.

“The artist references the scale of dinosaurs in order to allude to previous geological eras,” Cortney said.

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The Library at 13th and Broadway in Denver is a great place for me here in Denver.

It’s open to everyone, so all kinds of people can see me in all my giant chicken glory. That was also Cortney’s goal.

“This work of art is a monument to humanity or a monument to human impact on the world,” Cortney said. “I felt like I was sitting him in a building that talks about human history.”

I will be here in Denver until December 8th. I’m part of a project that Black Cube is working on across town called MONUMENTAL.

Come to the Denver Central Library and say hello until then!

(Editor’s note: Obviously, this blog isn’t actually written by a chicken – something we shouldn’t really have to say, but here we are.)

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