HARRIS. The Art Academy will open as the region’s first art school to encourage expressionism, using modern media in a new approach to art education


originally published: 17/12/2020

(HOWELL, NJ) — West Freehold artist Candice Harris saw a need in the community for a different kind of art school, with the flexible teaching and creative exploration it will offer the HARRIS. Academy of Arts. Located at 2211 US Highway 9 North, the innovative art school is scheduled to begin online classes on December 21, 2020.

Classes will be offered for children (from 3 years old) and adults, in a wide range of mixed techniques. They will be delivered in person as well as virtually from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays; online sessions can accommodate up to 100 people per class with a multi-camera interactive experience. Registration is open online.

Harris explained that her new approach to teaching art is driven by a passion to support budding artists and give them the tools they need to succeed in today’s art world. .

“We’re trying to change the landscape of arts education,” Harris said. “We’re going to teach basic skills using today’s materials and give students an experience they won’t find elsewhere. Typical art classes are not taught using modern media that makes sense today, nor taught in a way that fosters broader creative expression. HARRIS. Art Academy is not old school, it is expressionism.

Addressing the world of contemporary art, HARRIS. Art Academy will also offer courses in resin, watercolor, oil, acrylic, papier-mache, illustration, anime, painting, sneaker design, printmaking, screen printing and art design. YouTube channels. Students will be able to cross platforms to explore different media and styles, in courses offered in flexible blocks of months, with the flexibility to attend as personal schedules allow.

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“HARRIS. Art Academy is the only program where no one has to be stuck in a platform if it doesn’t work for them creatively. There’s no right or wrong here, no rigidity; it’s “It’s about expressing yourself and seeing where your imagination takes you. We’re going to make a mess here as students continue to move forward and try new media that appeal to them,” Harris said.

In addition to classes, HARRIS. Art Academy will host semi-annual seminars, led by renowned artists, to help train students pursuing a formal art education. For four weeks a year, the academy will become an art gallery for students to exhibit and sell their artwork and celebrate instructors and students.

“Art is essential right now; people are lonely, kids can’t stay online all the time – they have to try something fun and expand their creative horizons, as we expand the landscape of what modern art concepts look like today today,” Harris said. “My team and I are committed to producing a great experience for everyone.”

A grand opening event featuring Victor Sanz, creative director of TUMI – the international leader in travel, business and lifestyle accessories – will take place in early 2021 and will include a fundraising component for students at the Pratt Institute, where Harris and Sanz attended art school.

PHOTO: Artist Candice Harris with one of her paintings at the Van Der Plas Gallery in New York, during “The Changing Landscape – The Female Eye” exhibition in March 2020.

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