Hawaii State Art Museum Joins Honolulu 2022 Triennial Event

Honolulu (KHON2) – Hawaii residents are invited to take advantage of the Hawaii State Art Museum’s free offerings by immersing themselves in local artwork.

“Hawaii State Art Museum is part of the Art in Public Places program and is a public service for the people of Hawaii. It is dedicated to the people of Hawaii, as it tells the story of our people and our culture, all curated by local artisans,” said Karen Ewald, Director of the Hawaiʻi State Art Museum.

In addition to the many works of art in the Hawaii State Museum of Art, patrons can experience a special exhibit in honor of the 2022 Honolulu Triennial.

Ewald says, “We invite everyone to come see these exhibits which feature archival footage and photos that tell the story of how modern Hawaii was born. The exhibit will run through December and will feature works by Native Hawaiian artists.

To learn more about the Hawaii State Art Museum, its Honolulu Triennial Exhibits, and other offerings, visitors are encouraged to log on to the museum’s official website.

The Hawaii State Museum of Art:



250 South Hotel St Second Floor, Honolulu, HI 96813

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