Honshin Art Galleries in Tlaquepaque

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Honshin Art Galleries in Tlaquepaque

The Ascending Spirit Gallery and the Integrity, Harmony, and Radiance Gallery

At the heart of the Tlaquepaque Arts And Shopping Village are two galleries known as the Connectedness and Peace Galleries, a place to experience the healing power of art.

Honshin Art Galleries invite visitors to experience a sense of peace and experience the beauty and healing energy of original art. Representing eight artists from Arizona. Featuring the meditative art of Nicholas Kirsten Honshin.

As a symbolist painter with a strong connection to nature and a solid grounding in painting techniques, Honshins’ work reflects his lifelong studies in Zen meditation as well as other cross-cultural mystical traditions. Honshin believes that nature inspires all art. Artists created our symbols and our symbols created our science.

Honshins’ art and poetry are a reflection of his early experiences in nature and the continued study of Eastern spiritual practices as well as the philosophies of Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism and ancient Mesoamerican cultures.

Using his experience and love of nature, he generates energy in paintings, poetry, sculpture and jewelry to communicate through light and color the consciousness of all things and the beauty of the universe, creating a moment of peace to enrich the lives of others. .

Each of Honshins’ paintings is complemented by a poem that presents the ideas and inspiration sparked by the work. Honshin believes that the healing power of art is the luminous language of the soul and that art heals through the dynamic energy of co-creation. This is what connects us to oneness and unity. The artist captures in his art the harmonic color frequencies and symbols that nourish the soul.

Honshin has received international acclaim for his paintings and poetry, which he considers a mirror reflecting the beauty and healing connectedness of all cultures.

In 2001, Nicholas Kirsten Honshin was chosen by Thích Nhất Hạnh’s publishing house to collaborate on a series of calendars, diaries, journals and note cards featuring Honshins meditative art and poetry and teachings of the famous Buddhist teacher. For the past twenty-one years, these products have inspired and guided people around the world to practice the principles of compassion, love, kindness, and joy in living in the moment. “It has been a privilege to unite my art with the poetry and mindfulness of Thích Nhất Hạnh over the past 21 years.” Additionally, Honshin is the artist and poet of the internationally acclaimed Zen Cat calendar series from 2009 to today. The 2023 calendar series has been released.

Art is a doorway to our own inner being where we discover the relationship of one thing to another, where we come to the wholeness of who we are and how we are connected to the rest of creation. ~Honshin

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