Lehigh art galleries to promote vaccinations

Lehigh University Art Galleries (LUAG) joins an initiative to address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy through its campaign, #DrawTheLineAgainstCovid or #LaLíneaContraCovid.

The organization received a $10,000 grant through the national Community for Immunity initiative. LUAG is one of 51 museums and libraries to benefit from the grant.

“Our initiative, titled #LaLíneaContraCovid, aims to provide access to COVID-19 vaccine information and reduce vaccine hesitancy,” said LUAG Coordinator Elise Schaffer.

#DrawTheLineAgainstCovid is a bilingual promotional campaign, offering free sketch kits and a one-year subscription to galleries and workshops for those who can provide proof of vaccination.

The LUAG team wants to focus on raising awareness and recognizing important valuable experiences. As such, they plan to use the funds for promotional purposes, said William Crow, director of LUAG.

Stacie Brennan, curator of education for LUAG, said galleries have been working hard to engage people throughout the pandemic. However, she said this type of campaign was new to her as LUAG is now expanding in new ways and strengthening its role as a trusted public resource.

This was the first time LUAG had received COVID-19 related funding, Brennan said.

“(The) museum is not only geared towards learning about diverse cultures and perspectives, but is also known for its consistently trusted regular services, trusted sources, high levels of community/advertising trust, and (a) growing number of resources,” Crow said.

LUAG shared nearly 1,000 postcards containing information about the event and its unfolding with the Bethlehem Area School District, in the local SouthSide community, and through LUAG Museum programming on campus.

“All of the programs and resources provided by LUAG, including this initiative, underscore our commitment to enhancing well-being through transformative experiences with art,” Brennan said. “Last year, we were proud to showcase the works of artists from around the world in an exhibition called Black and White Sketches in Quarantine, which showcased artists’ creative responses during the pandemic.”

Schaffer said LUAG will continue this effort and hopes to share more information regarding upcoming available clinics offered by organizations in the Lehigh Valley.

Mildred D. Field