Museums may be closed, but DIY and pet art galleries open online


As museums and galleries frequented by humans remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, some creative pet owners under lockdown have created artistic spaces– with miniature Vermeers and da Vinci – for their little friends.


Two London-based gerbils named Pandoro and Tiramisù appear to be the pets that started the trend when their owners built an art gallery cut out for them from household materials, supplemented with cardboard benches for resting (or gnawing).

Pandoro and Tiramisù tasted with taste, gerbil-centric masterpiece parodies such as Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring and Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, carefully recreated by their owners.

The Gerbil Gallery inspired Jill Young, a student and actress living in Dallas, to create a similar image gallery for his geckoappointed mayor—Young said Hyperallergic she carefully selected paintings to recreate based on the “refined and eclectic taste.

While Young has also recreated Girl With A Pearl Earring and even Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, the mayor seemed to prefer the gecko version of Grant Wood’s American Gothic, she said, adding that he might be in “a phase of American modernism.”

Former professional footballer George Foster has shared photos of his pet Bubba the turtle. enjoy an art gallery Foster’s 12-year-old daughter did it for him.

Other pets that would have enjoyed cultural immersions in home art galleries include Maisie the guinea pig and one flock of parakeets.


“I’m not too concerned about competing markets, although I would be very interested in seeing other animals join the fold. Someone on Twitter brought up the idea of ​​a fish museum, and I hope they create one. Every pet deserves a cultural outing,” Young Recount Hyperallergic.


Pet-sized DIY art spaces are the latest internet trend that museums and galleries have embarked on to keep audiences engaged while cultural institutions are closed during the coronavirus pandemic. The Saatchi Gallery in London gerbil gallery promotion on their social media as part of their miniature art series in which they asked their followers to submit their homemade creations. Earlier this month, museums encouraged confined art lovers to recreate famous works of art with household items, a trend that quickly went viral. Many cultural institutions are also using this time to focus on digital content, such as online portals from their collection and virtual tours.


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