Niagara University’s Castellani Museum of Art launches documentary series on Armenian community – Public Radio of Armenia

Niagara University’s Castellani Museum of Art launched its documentary series SURVIVE, THRIVE, REMEMBER about the local Armenian community in Western New York on Sunday, April 24, the Armenian Film Society informed.

The series examines both memories and stories from its historical height in the region in the mid-20th century to contemporary expressions of Armenian cultural heritage. The event welcomed 141 participants.

The episodes each focus on a different tradition practiced locally: learn about Arthur Garabedian carpentry and the story behind the design of the front church doors of St. Sarkis; listen to Sonya Gregian and Rachele Aversa as they reflect on cooking together at St. Hagop and rice pilaf; see Ophelia Adjemian’s career as a seamstress, creating a traditional dance dress for her granddaughter and opening her alterations business in Niagara Falls; and more stories from other members of the local Armenian community in the Buffalo-Niagara area.

The museum plans to add additional videos to the series over the next year focusing on the importance of survivor stories and stories of genocide passed down within families, Armenian classical music compositions, and more.

The series is now live on the museum’s YouTube channel.

Mildred D. Field