Nicolaysen Art Museum is looking for a new director, hopes to find the right person by early 2023

CASPER, Wyo.– On Thursday, the Nicolaysen Art Museum announced that it is seeking candidates to assume the role of executive director.

The museum began looking for a new director in September after the departure of former director Andy Couch, who left to pursue studies at the University of Oklahoma and took on the role of director of the Norman Firehouse Art Center. .

The NIC board of trustees hopes to select a new director to take office by Jan. 1, 2023, the museum said in a press release Thursday.

Although there is no deadline to apply, the board seeks to select candidates for interviews by November 1 and to conduct a second round of interviews with finalists by mid-November. , the museum said. People can find qualification information and apply online.

“The Nicolaysen is at a critical juncture in our evolution as a contemporary art museum,” said Michael Bond, Chairman of the NIC Board of Trustees. “Many members of the arts community find it surprising and unusual that a town the size of Casper has a museum of contemporary art. Over the years, many of the museum’s executive directors and boards have struggled to acquire and maintain a steady stream of financial support to keep the doors open. Many have wondered, “Is it realistic and even possible to maintain?

“The role of the community and in particular museum members, staff, management and board members is first to ensure that the museum has the appropriate mission that meets a need and a desire of the community. Second, we need to examine how successfully we are fulfilling this mission. Do the members and the community expect from the museum? These will be the challenges that a new executive director will continue to face.

Board member Marlene Ashbaugh said she thinks the community is lucky the Nicolaysen Art Museum exists.

“It’s not just a place of artifacts; it’s a place of ideas,” she says. “We are delighted to welcome a new director to our fold who will bring our ideas to life.” The board is looking for a new director to continue the success of the museum and its connection to the community.

Andrew Schneider, another board member, said many arts institutions lacked the resources to survive in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the NIC was fortunate to receive the support. from the community.

“Many arts institutions lacked the resources they needed to survive the economic disruptions of a global pandemic, but the NIC community has truly come together as the driving force behind an initiative to ensure survival at short term while positioning the museum and Discovery Center to thrive in the long term,” Schneider said. to meet the artistic and cultural needs of our local, regional and visitor communities It is exciting to be able to bring a new leader to this environment as we continue to develop a more inclusive culture of innovation in pursuit of our sustainability goals .

People can find more information in an article published by the museum on its monthly blog and can provide feedback in the comment sections.

Mildred D. Field