Tampa Airport launches monumental flamingo art sculpture

When you’re stuck in an airport, sometimes for hours, the vibe matters. Having public art installations in an airport makes a place that can be stressful (and boring) a little brighter. Art breathes new life into a space and it shows in Tampa International Airport which recently hosted a giant flamingo at the center of its main terminal. Her pink neck and long skinny legs descend from the ceiling and land near The Shoppes at Bayshore.

Title RESIDENCE by artist Matthew Mazzotta, this 22-foot-high colorful sculpture is accompanied by a ceiling that mimics the ripple of water. The lighting, which changes with the daylight outside, casts the same dappled glow on the ground and creates the illusion that the flamingo has dunked its head underwater. Designed as an immersive experience, travelers are invited to step into the art and find some quiet time with one of Florida’s most iconic birds.

Mazzotta designed the flamingo to be as realistic as possible. He hand sculpted each piece to scale, then cast them in a resin and fiberglass component. The elements were then painted to give a realistic look and feel. So, if you ever walk through the Tampa airport, be sure to seek out this amazing piece and enjoy its presence.

Tampa International Airport recently welcomed a giant flamingo to the center of its main terminal.

Title RESIDENCE by artist Matthew Mazzotta, this colorful 22-foot-tall sculpture is accompanied by a ceiling that mimics rippling water.

The sculpture is designed to look like a flamingo putting its head under water.

To find RESIDENCE near The Shoppes in Bayshore.

Matthew Mazzotta: Website | instagram
h/t: [Reddit]

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