The art museum is preparing to present its first exhibitions in the spring | Entertainment News

COOPERSTOWN – ‘Drawn from Life: Three Generations of Wyeth Figure Studies’, will be presented at the Fenimore Art Museum from May 7 to September 5.

According to a press release, the exhibit “explores three generations of the venerable Wyeth family, primarily NC, Andrew and Jamie, and provides insight into them as young artists mastering the figure.” Selections from the family’s collection of works “examine the process by which each individually honed their expertise in rendering the human form through rigorous academic exercises”.

With text by guest curator Victoria Browning Wyeth, the exhibition will feature many never-before-seen works, including Jamie’s anatomical sketches and figure studies, Andrew’s early studio sketches and later painting studies, as well as than NC’s academic and studio sketches. The work of Carolyn Wyeth, who was trained by her father, NC, and educated her nephew, Jamie Wyeth, completes the exhibit.

Victoria Browning Wyeth offers a family perspective on the job, informed by interviews with her uncle Jamie Wyeth and her father Nicholas Wyeth, according to the statement. Questions such as “How was it to grow up in a family of artists?” and “How do you create your own approach to figure and art?” will be explored.

A catalog will accompany the exhibit, along with a variety of public programs featuring Victoria Browning Wyeth, some designed for children. Visit for more information on all programs.

Another Fenimore exhibit, “Unmasking Venice: American Artists and the City of Water,” will be on view May 28 through September 5. It will present paintings, prints and three-dimensional objects that explore the two Venetian worlds represented by American artists during the late 19th, early 20th and 21st centuries.

The “picturesque” demonstrates the attraction to Venice felt by American tourists, while the “realistic” depicts the grittier realism of a Venetian’s daily life, the statement said.

The exhibition includes works by a diverse group of artists, including Jane Peterson and Fred Wilson, and establishes Venetian links with the Thaw Collection of American Indian Art through the glass industry. A catalog will also accompany this exhibition.

Visit for more information.

Mildred D. Field