The best museums and art galleries in Perth

Everyone loves a good day at a museum or art gallery, even if you’ve been to the same place several times. However, with constantly changing exhibits, there is always something new and fun to explore!

Museums and galleries are one of the best ways to learn about the past, present, and future of culture while making it a fun day out. From wildlife to retro games, there’s a museum or gallery for every interest.

Here are 7 of the best museums and art galleries in Perth.

1. WA Boola Bardip Museum

Of course, we had to start strong with the most famous of all… Boola Bardip.

This museum recently underwent a major four-year renovation, making it more beautiful than ever and including all the best exhibits. Boola Bardip means many stories in the Noongar language, and we think it’s fair to say the museum is exactly that. A place where people can come together to share and read different stories from Western Australia.

Source: @wamuseum
  • Price: $15 for standard admission, $10 off and free for children 15 and under and chaperones.
  • Venue: Perth Cultural Centre, Perth
  • Website:

2. Fremantle Jail

In the 1850s, convicts from England built “The Convict Establishment”, or what we now know as fremantle Jail.

Remarkably, Fremantle Prison is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site here in Perth, but it’s not hard to see why. As the prison was in use from 1855 to 1991, it has a lot of stories to tell and is now one of the best places to take a slightly spooky visit (especially at night).

From serial killers and rangers, to drug dealers and bank robbers, Fremantle’s prison walls have seen it all. If you’re up for a panicky night, we recommend booking their true crime visit that will leave your hair on end.

art galleries and museums in perth - fremantle prison
Source: @fremantleprison

3. The Art Gallery of Western Australia

Centrally located in Perth’s cultural hub, this internationally acclaimed art gallery has an impressive collection of works by First Nations and Western Australian artists, as well as works from across Australia and around the world.

The exhibits and gallery access are completely free and provide a fun and economical way to see some of the best art in the world.

The building even has a huge rooftop terrace with a rooftop bar, an outdoor sculpture promenade and, of course, views of Perth’s incredible city skyline.

4. Maritime Museum of Western Australia

Located literally on the edge of the Indian Ocean, the West Australian Maritime Museum is an ode to Fremantle’s past, present and future as one of the most important coastal ports.

From the infamous America’s Cup-winning yacht to Jon Sanders’ Parry Endeavour, this museum truly captures the state’s vast maritime history.

The museum is currently running an exhibition until February 2023 called ‘Fremantle Then and Now’ highlighting how the city has changed since the 1800s, so don’t miss the chance to celebrate and learn how Fremantle’s heritage has grown over the past 155 years.

art galleries and museums in perth - wa maritime museum

5. Perth Museum

The Perth Museum is exactly what it sounds like – a museum dedicated to the history, culture and development of Perth. Rightly located in the old Atlas building, which is its own historical gem in the heart of the city.

They have an upcoming exhibition featuring “John Gill: Perth’s Piano Man”. Opened on December 1, the exhibition is a celebration of the infamous life of street musicians which over the years has attracted tens of thousands of fans.

6. Nostalgia Box Museum

This one is for all the hardcore retro gamers out there.

The Nostalgia Box Museum is located in the heart of The North Bridge and features over a hundred years of different video games and consoles.

Your admission tickets include the chance to replay all your favorite childhood games or get the chance to experience games you’ve always wanted but never had the chance.

art galleries and museums in perth - nostalgia box museum

7. PICA Art Gallery

Challenging the norm and thinking outside the box is the basis of this funky, change-oriented art gallery!

PICA is known for offering experimental exhibitions featuring contemporary dance, experimental theatre, new music and live art, as well as a range of artist-in-residence programs.

They currently hold a range of different art and performance exhibitions, some of which are free and some for a small fee.

  • Price: Free
  • Location: 51 James Street, Perth
  • Website:

Feature picture: @pica_perth

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