The new SITELINES public art sculpture unveiled in downtown London, Ontario.

The City of London has unveiled a new public art sculpture in the city center that captures the city’s forest tree line, skyline and spiers of heritage architecture.

Created by artist, architect and educator Jyhling Lee, SITELINES straddles the sidewalk outside the Azure Condominium at 505 Talbot Street.

“His final placement is quite interesting,” Lee said. “It forms a new entrance to the heritage courtyard, a space that overlaps the new and old architecture of this neighborhood.”

Lee, who grew up in Ingersoll and has spent much of her life in London, said she spent time walking and exploring the area to develop a site-specific concept for the piece.

SITES of public artwork outside 505 Talbot Street in London, Ont. (Travis Dolynny/CBC)

“This project was inspired by the natural and urban context of this region,” she said. “That being the forest town, the canopy of trees, the lines of trees, the changing skyline of the town with the presence of Azure Condo and other condos coming up the street, and the spiers and the ornamentation found in nearby heritage architecture.”

The structural components of the sculpture are made of hexagonal tubular elements, which Lee says were inspired by the vascular structure of the xylem of plants.

(Travis Dolynny/CBC)

“I really strive to create works that people can engage with from a distance and up close,” Lee said. “In my public art works, I also strive to create projective forms, which allow viewers to bring their own imaginative interpretations and different ways of relating to the work.”

Lee was selected to create SITELINES as part of the city’s public art program, through the London Arts Council.

(Travis Dolynny/CBC)

“SITELINES is a great example of how public and private partnerships are helping to place public art all over London,” said Mayor Ed Holder. “This art also contributes creatively to the ongoing revitalization of the heart of London and is a superb addition to the city’s public art collection.”

The project was funded by Tricar Developments Inc., the developer of the Azure Condominium tower. The sculpture is owned and will be maintained by the City of London.

(Travis Dolynny/CBC)

Mildred D. Field