Visit 15 museums and art galleries around the world for free, virtually

February has come and gone, and you might not know it, but this month is actually National Arts Month, and it’s about to end. But before that, whether or not you know it’s National Arts Month, why not try exploring these actual museums and art galleries for free from the comfort of your own home? There are many museums that you can still visit as they offer virtual tours.

Local and foreign museums and art galleries have (virtually) opened their doors for free. Here are 15 local and foreign museums and galleries to browse for a little art and culture time at home.


Why not start your art-loving journey near you and check out these tatak NoyPi museums and galleries?

CANVAS: Center for Art, New Business and Sustainability

A non-profit organization, CANVAS advocates the use of art to effect social change. Currently with 15 online exhibits ready for viewing. These include exhibitions such as Karapatan: Artists Defend Human Rights, Inang Kalikasan’s Bad Hair Day, If Trees Could Talk, Here Be Dragons, and more.

Presidential Museum and Library

Inside the walls of Malacañang Palace, the official residence of the President of the Philippines, is the Presidential Museum and Library. Enter the historic residence of former presidents and browse the two online exhibits available: Malacañang as Prize, Pulpit and Stage and Relics of Power: Remembering Philippine Presidents.

The Presidential Museum and Library includes in its collection a copy of President Emilio Aguinaldo’s Acta de la Proclamación de la Independencia del Pueblo Filipino (1960), the Office of the L. Quezon Manual (made by Vidal Tampingco, 1937), and a painting black containing a sketch of Camp Crame at the time of the EDSA revolution in 1986.

Philippine Heritage Library

Focusing primarily on breathtaking yet provocative photography, the Philippines Heritage Library features War Through Child’s Eyes, Women and War, and Manila Reborn among the virtual exhibits available to patrons online. line.

Ayala Museum

The Ayala Museum website is full of virtual tours of current, permanent, and even past exhibits.

Current exhibitions presented by the museum are Intertwined: Transpacific, Transcultural Philippines and Landscape into Painting: Fernando Zobel Serie Blanca.

Martial Law Museum

Created with the goal of providing students, teachers, and all Filipinos with the complete truth about Martial Law and the EDSA People Power Revolution, the Martial Law Museum is a cornucopia of resources surrounding the era of martial law – the rise, its fallout, and its lasting effects to this day.

The museum contains over 300 references with contributions from around 100 experts.

Curare Art Space

Founded in 2019 by John Alexis Balaguer, Balaguer wants Curare to “welcome most art forms that are not just visual, such as music, video or film, literature and performance”

This art gallery makes the most of the virtual space it inhabits by playing with platforms, mediums and technology.

Intramuros Museum

Also created in 2019, the Museo de Intramuros houses around 500 religious artifacts that have been found in surrounding churches and in the Intramuros area. The museum currently offers 10 online exhibits with over 200 pieces in its collection.

Filipino street art project

With the help of the internet, your digital screen can transform into any of the walls in Metro Manila as part of the Filipino street art project. The Filipino Street Project hopes to spread awareness of the importance of using street art as an effective way to raise awareness of various social issues, without having to leave your home and travel to see them.


Are you done exploring the museums and art galleries of the Philippines, but still want more? No worries, now you can go all over the world with your quest to quench your thirst for art. Visa not required!

Guggenheim Museum, New York

Walk the iconic spiral staircase of New York’s Guggenheim Museum without using a plane. Zoom in on the walls of the museum to see works from the Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary eras.

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Also in the United States of America, the National Gallery of Art currently offers online access to its exhibitions Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting and Shaping a Nation.

Musee d’Orsay, Paris

Head to the city of love and fall under the spell of the virtual exhibition From the station to the renovated Musée d’Orsay.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

This museum features exhibits of artists in their day: Korean modern and contemporary art that span multiple generations, from the 1900s to the 1970s and even beyond the late 1970s. It also features the Garden and Looking for Another exhibits. Family for their virtual clients, and many more.

Now you can say you’ve visited this museum and talk art with your favorite K-pop or K-drama star, you know, if you ever meet them… at least you’re ready!

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Maybe you’ve seen one of the many films or documentaries about Vincent van Gogh, or maybe you cried at that episode of Doctor Who with van Gogh, this might be the museum for you.

With exhibits such as What Books Did Vincent van Gogh Read?, The Love Life of Vincent van Gogh, and many more pieces, visiting this museum can make you fall deeper in love with this tragic artist.

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Little more of a niche art gallery, the Uffizi Gallery contains the art collection of famous residents of Florence, Italy, the de’Medicis. Giorgio Vasari designed the gallery building in 1560 for de’Medici member Cosimo I de’Medici.

The exhibitions offered by this discreet gallery are Peiro di Cosimo, “Perseus Freeing Andromeda”, The Santa Trinita Maestà Cimabue and Amico revisited. Drawings by Amico Aspertini and other Bolognese artists.

MASP, Sao Paulo

The Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand (MASP) is the first modern museum in Brazil which was founded in 1947. The pieces are suspended in transparent plexiglass frames, which gives the impression that the art is levitating .

Some of MASP’s current virtual exhibitions include Art in Fashion: MASP’s Rhodia Collection, Art from Brazil to 1900, Art from Italy: from Rafael to Titian.

Google Arts and Culture has brought just that to the homes of millions of people around the world by collaborating with numerous museums and art galleries. While not all museums and galleries have partnered with Google, that hasn’t stopped them from posting some things on their own websites as well.

Why not soak up all the art and beauty in the world before National Arts Month ends and enjoy as much of the beauty as you can?

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